The VERTEX Extruder+ IFS is compatible with Prusa MINI/+
It is a double gear extruder that improves the thrust of the filament towards the hotend and achieves greater control over the rotation of the motor thanks to its 3: 1 ratio. In this guide, we are going to soy you how to install and configure it for your printer.
Before starting, you will need the Extruder+ IFS, you can find it here:

You can also download the .stl for free and build it yourself in the following icon:

To use this extruder, you must have installed the 4.3.3 or later official PRUSA MINI/+ firmware.
Follow the detailed guide that we have prepared for the assembly of the Extruder+ IFS.
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  • 1.5mm Allen key
  • 2.5mm Allen key
  • Clamp for cutting zip tie
  • Wrench 10


If you have filament loaded in the extruder, it is necessary to unload it. As you might know, in the screen, choose: Filament > Unload filament > select the filament type so that the hotend temperature is adjusted correctly.
When the filament is unloaded, remove it, turn off the printer and unplug the printer power cord to avoid possible issues while working on it.

Turn the machine so that the rear part is accessible to you, cut and remove the 3 zip ties that hold the hotend wiring. Be careful not to accidentally cut the cables throught the textile sleeve.
Remove the fitting that holds the PTFE tube that leads the filament to the hotend using the 10 flat wrench. If you have the original filament sensor system, loosen the screw that secures the PTFE tube connected to the extruder.
Move the extruder all the way to the left (next to the extruder). Remove the 2 screws of the original extruder to separate it from the machine. If you need to, you can lower the height by rotating the Z motor manually.
With the extruder removed, loosen the screw that holds the PTFE tube and pull it out.
Remove the screw holding the pressure bearing lever to separate it from the extruder.
Remove the 3 screws of the extruder and separate the cover as shown in the image.
Unscrew the fitting from the extruder with the flat wrench 10. You will find a small 15mm long Teflon tube that we will reuse later.
Going back to the other half of the extruder, remove the 2 screws holding the motor to fully free it from the extruder.
To finish this part of the guide, remove the gear from the motor by loosening the small screw and pulling from it.


If you have a filament sensor, continue with step 2.A
If you do not have a filament sensor, continue with step 2.B


  • x1 Printed IR sensor installation module
  • x1 IR sensor activation lever
  • x1 Sensor IR
  • x1 3-pin cable for filament sensor
  • x1 Metal ball
  • x1 M2x8mm Screw
  • x2 M3x10mm Screws
  • x2 Magnets 10x6x2
If you have a Prusa MINI Original IR sensor, you will need to disassemble it to remove the components you need.
Open the electronics box by removing the screw. Once opened, disconnect the cable from the IR sensor. The IR sensor will be released.
Remove the 2 screws holding the cover to access the sensor. Remove the center screw to remove the activation lever, be careful when removing it as the metal ball may fall off. Now unscrew the M2x8 screw that keeps the sensor attached to the plastic part. When removing the IR sensor, be careful with the wiring, it may break. The best way to remove the magnets is to break the plastic parts as they are installed under pressure.
Now that you have all the necessary components, you can begin with the assembly of the Extruder+ IFS. Grab the IR sensor activation lever and insert a 10x6x2 magnet (orientation is not relevant right now). Make sure the magnet has been inserted all the way by looking through the hole at the top; moreover, this hole has been designed to be able to extract the magnet if you need it by pushing it.
Insert the metal ball into the hole and then screw the IR sensor activation lever into the body of the Extruder+ IFS, using an M3x10 screw that will be inserted through the lower hole. Tighten the screw as far as possible as long as the IR sensor activation lever moves freely.
Tighten the screws carefully as you will be doing it on a plastic piece.
Put the IR sensor on the printed IR sensor installation module so that it can read 5V-OUT-GND from left to right. Now fix the two parts with the M2x8 screw. To complete the assembly, insert the other 10x6x2 magnet so that it repels the one already installed in the previous step.
Finally, insert the module in the space provided for it in Extruder+ IFS and fix it with an M3x10 screw. Make sure that the whole assembly is aligned and flat.
Tighten the screws carefully as you will be doing it on a plastic part.
Now check that the assembly works and that when inserting filament the lever moves upwards and when removing it downwards (you will hear a clicking noise).
If everything works fine, you have finished installing the IR sensor on the Extruder+ IFS.


  • x1 Printed override module
  • x1 M3x10 Screw
If you do not have an IR sensor, simply take the printed override module, insert it in the Extruder+ IFS space for it and fix it with an M3x10screw.
Tighten the screws carefully as you will be doing it on a plastic piece.


To prepare the motor, take the gear included in the kit, loosen the small screw and insert it into the extruder motor shaft. Make sure that the small screw is at the top and in turn aligned with the flat part of the extruder motor shaft (if you install the gear backwards you will not be able to mount the motor on the Extruder+ IFS). Take a zip tie and put it between the gear and the motor as shown in the image, this will give you the exact clearance necessary for proper operation.
Now fix the motor to the Extruder+ IFS with 3 M3x40 screws, pay attention to the cable direction as it has its own path on the plastic part where the textile sleeve cable cover will be installed later.
Now insert the 15mm Teflon tube that you previously removed as shown in the image on the left and screw the fitting, you can use a flat wrench 10.


Take the IR sensor cable and connect it to the IR sensor. Make sure the red wire is on the left (5V) and the black wire is on the right (GND). Pull the cables through the path in the plastic part.
Before continuing, take the PTFE tube included in the kit and insert it now through the hole of the Extruder+ IFS.
Place the Extruder+ IFS at the height of the Z carriage and fix it with a M3x10 screw in the upper left part and an M3x40 screw in the lower left part.


Now that the electronics box is open, connect the extruder motor cable and if you have a filament sensor, connect it in the place indicated in purple.
Now calculate the arc of the hotend cables by following the PTFE tube (the PRUSA MINI cables are are short and can be tight) and install the 3 zip ties
Finally, close the electronics cover with the screw.


Due to the nature of the 3:1 Extruder+ IFS gear system, you have to adjust the steps of the motor and the direction in which it rotates. The official PRUSA MINI/+ firmware from 4.3.3 gives us the possibility to do it and save the settings.
To set the correct values and be able to use the VERTEX Extruder+ IFS, on your printer screen go to:
Settings > HW Settings > Press and hold the main button for a few seconds and the following menu will appear.
- Change the steps in the Extruder step menu from 325 to 415
- Change the rotation direction of the extruder motor in the Extruder dir menu from Prusa to Wrong.

Congratulations, you can now use your new Extruder+ IFS from VERTEX!

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