The legend says that the now famous Lamborghini car brand; Until then a tractors manufacturer, it was born due to the disagreements between Ferruccio Lamborghini and the benchmark in supercars of the time Enzo Ferrari. Apparently the latter would have said disparagingly to the good old Ferruccio: "You better dedicate yourself to the tractors." And that was the push that Lamborghini needed to stand up to one of the greats as Ferrari was and is still today.

Saving the kilometric distances between them and us. VERTEX as a community was created in a very similar context. From something that at first resulted in a series of very negative disagreements, it became a tremendously positive project as it is todays. A very dynamic, didactic community, where a good atmosphere and respect prevail, and above all, it is a space in which you are either a man or a woman, if you like to learn new things and share your knowledge with others, this is your place .

The name defines many things as you will see below. For starters, an essential part when designing, whether on paper or by computer. And it is that the design would not be anything without vertex, which is nothing other than the point where two or more lines connect. This extrapolated to the symbolic plane, refers to the meeting point of one or more ideas that represent both the triangle with its vertex and the name itself. In addition to this, the color that represents the brand is green also due to its similarity to VERTEX (Verde in Spanish means green), specifically #55cc00, which we have decided to rename as VERDEX. Even the typography was selected correctly so as not to clash with the minimalist design that we like so much.

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VERTEX as a manufacturer and distributor of online products. It was born on October 13, 2020 from the enthusiasm and support of many people and as a result of the demand of the Spanish market for an online store in which the customer was no longer treated as such, but with closeness and as a user of a platform that includes from the group where we help, chat and learn, to the store itself, through free downloads, contests, assembly guides, guides where to learn to manufacture, guides to understand concepts, access to quality products ...

The founding idea of ​​VERTEX as a company is business ethics. Obviously we want to earn a living with it and we also want to do it with something that we are very good at and we love. But all this, seen from a prism of honesty and sense of fairness both for you as a user and for us as owners. So you could say that "you are in good hands."

This is the short story of VERTEX for now. Everything sounds very nice and for this reason, we strongly recommend that you try the VERTEX experience with all that it entails and draw your own conclusions. Thank you very much to all of you who are already part of it because without you all this would not be possible.

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